Sunday, January 28, 2007

II International Encontro of Sambistas

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Dear Samba Lovers,
Once again we are organizing the "II International Encontro of Sambistas" for the next Rio Carnival 2007, on 15 and 16 of february at the "Cidade do Samba" ( ), the newest samba dream factory in Rio de Janeiro.
This is a confraternization meeting for foreign and brazilian sambistas in Rio to talk about samba and to make interchanges about experiences in their groups, samba schools and parades in their citys. Have a look, in attachement, the II Encontro flyer.

So, if you know some sambistas who is coming to the next Rio Carnival 2007 and who would like participate as speaker in this II Encontro, let me know. replaying me this e-mail, asap.

The complete list of Encontro speakers will be ready and accessible on next thusday (1 of february), at site


Jair Martins de Miranda
Samba Global Project Coordinator

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